Controlling "x86.miniroot" boot SMF & rcX.d behavior via options in menu.lst.01MAC ...

Controlling "x86.miniroot" boot SMF & rcX.d behavior via options in menu.lst.01MAC ...

Post by Noel Milto » Wed, 04 Oct 2006 05:51:18


This is a shortened version of my earlier post today.

I have Solaris a 10 SXCR nv40 server setup to boot clients to the
"x86.miniroot" O/S over the network into memory (no disk) via pxegrub.

Here is a snippet of the "menu.lst.01MAC" file, with several versions
of the "kernel" lines that I have tried commented out.
title Solaris10SXCR_snv40 RAM O/S
module SOLARIS10SXCR_snv40.d/x86.miniroot
# (1) kernel SOLARIS10SXCR_snv40.d/multiboot kernel/unix
# (2) kernel SOLARIS10SXCR_snv40.d/multiboot kernel/unix -m
# (3) kernel SOLARIS10SXCR_snv40.d/multiboot kernel/unix - install dhcp



(1) How do I tweak the kernel line to boot x86.miniroot such that the
SMF services needed to start networking are enabled (the "- install
option works, but that is really for jumpstart).

(2) In addition to question (1), what do I specify to make the SMF
back-end read/writable (i.e. booted so that I can online/offline
maually without error). This can be useful.

(3) I modified x86.miniroot and put a script in "/etc/rc3.d" (with
correct permissioning) that does not run. How does one specify (in
menu.lst.01MAC) to have the legacy RC scripts run. If its not possible
then, other than using /etc/inittab(5), is that another way to lauch

(4) Where is the link between the parameters specified in
"menu.lst.01MAC" and where the booting x86.miniroot intercepts
them to act on them. In other words, similar to how the "- install"
option has an effect on the behavior of a booting "x86.miniroot",
suppose I wanted to pass an option like "myInstall" instead. Where
on the menu.lst.01MAC command lines would it be placed (e.g. before
or after the " - "), and how would I probe for and intercept that at
other end ( i.e. within the booting x86.miniroot. For example, is there
command I can issue or file I can read to see the command line
parameters there were passed)?. I tried looking at
"/boot/solaris/bootenv.rc" but none of this information is reflected

Thank you in advance. I will continue to tinker over here (and
further comb the SMF/boot/kernel manpages).

Noelle Milton Vega