"cannot open display" error with Xwin32 connecting to Sun/CDE and AIX/CDE

"cannot open display" error with Xwin32 connecting to Sun/CDE and AIX/CDE

Post by alaindewi » Wed, 22 Nov 2006 18:13:53

I'm using Xwin32 under windows to connect to different kind of Unix
When connecting to Linux (KDE and Gnome) I don't have any problem ; but
well while connecting to Sun or Aix system running CDE : I get "cannot
open display" error.
The problem seems to become from the CDE environment (any parameter I
need to modify for ?). All other things seem to be fine (DISPLAY, ...).
While I broadcast the network to see the different systems to connect
to, I see all the SUN and AIX systems but I can not connect to (but
well to Linux systems).

Does any body have some trick ?



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We have a Sun Solaris microsystem, running CDE 1.4, that controls our
Varian Unity/Inova 600 MHz NMR spectrometer. Lately, the Lock Display
feature has been creating woe for me. It no longer recognizes my
password. The only way out of the bind is for me to log in remotely
and issue the command;
kill -9 PID
where PID is the process ID number of /usr/dt/bin/dtsession.

Earlier today, I used my Desktop Controls to turn off Lock Display.
But after being away for 1.5 hours, I came back to find the Display
Locked. Arrgh.

Now when I try to access the Desktop Controls, the system tells me the
folder specification to Desktop Controls does not exist. Yikes.

Ideas? Comments?


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