AOM Video Problem

AOM Video Problem

Post by anonymou » Mon, 05 Jan 2004 07:45:06

Anytime Age of Mythology or Age of Mythology: Titans is
started (in safe video or not) shortly after the main
game menu comes up the mouse pointer disappears and the
entire screen will become a checkerboard of what should
be and white squares. After the "checkerboard" appears
the mouse pointer will reappear and will also be like a
checkerboard of what it should be and white squares. I
then have to reset my comp, and start all over again.
This only happens with the age of mythology programs, and
all other games and Microsoft programs work perfectly.

My system specs are:
ECS MoBo, P4 2.4, 512 DDR2700, GeForce4Ti4200 128MB, 2
80GB WD SE in raid level 0, XP Home.
Nothing is overclocked at this time

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled both programs.

Any suggestions?