Some querries not showing in Word Mailmerge

Some querries not showing in Word Mailmerge

Post by Jeff » Tue, 04 Oct 2005 23:01:58

Hi All

In my database I have various querries.
I want to be able to use the data in Word to print out automatically
reports of the test results for each student.

The problem is that the querry exists in Access and it works fine with
the other querries, forms and reports.It just doesn't show up when I
enter the database via Word Mailmerge to select the data origin querry.
Other querries are listed, but not the one i want to use.

Any ideas why?



Some querries not showing in Word Mailmerge

Post by John Vinso » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 02:39:41

If it's an Action query (Append, Delete, etc.) then it won't appear;
I'm not sure what the other restrictions might be. Could you perhaps
open the offending query in SQL view and post the SQL text here? Can
you see it opening in datasheet view?

John W. Vinson[MVP]


Some querries not showing in Word Mailmerge

Post by Jeff » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 05:13:57

Thanks John

Here's the code from the querry. It opens ok as a querry. Maybe the
problem is that it prompts the user to choose which class to show the
list of students when they try to open the querry. That would be the
[Qual Turma] at the end of the WHERE instruction.

SELECT tbAlunos.Cigo, tbAlunos.Ato, tbAlunos.Nome, tbAlunos.Tulo,
tbAlunos.DataNasc, tbAlunos.RG, tbAlunos.CIC, tbAlunos.Endere,
tbAlunos.[Tel(casa)], tbAlunos.[Tel(trabalho)], tbAlunos.[Tel(celuara)],
tbAlunos.NomePai, tbAlunos.NomeMae, tbAlunos.Enderepais,
tbAlunos.[Tel(Emerg)], tbAlunos.Colio, tbAlunos.Empresa,
tbAlunos.Ingl, tbAlunos.CursoIngl, tbAlunos.Espanhol,
tbAlunos.CursoEspanhol, tbAlunos.CursosTerminados, tbAlunos.Obs,
tbAlunos.[CustoTotal Ingl], tbAlunos.Prest, tbAlunos.Mensalidade,
tbTurmas.[Turma ref], tbTurmas.[prof ref], tbTurmas.Livro,
tbTurmas.Dias, tbTurmas.Horas
FROM tbTurmas INNER JOIN tbAlunos ON tbTurmas.[Turma ref] =
WHERE (((tbAlunos.CursoIngl)=[Qual Turma])) OR
(((tbAlunos.CursoEspanhol)=[Qual Turma]));

I copied the querry and removed the WHERE instruction so that it shows
all the students. The user will have to filter the results using the
mailmerge facilities instead.

Thanks for your advice, it gave me the key to solving this problem.


Some querries not showing in Word Mailmerge

Post by Van T. Din » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 20:25:23

IIRC, this is related to the problem described in the Microsoft Knowledge
Base article:

There are some work-arounds in the above article you may want to try ...

Van T. Dinh
MVP (Access)

Some querries not showing in Word Mailmerge

Post by UFJPVkEgRE » Wed, 26 Oct 2005 00:03:10