how to filter information in a data access page

how to filter information in a data access page

Post by Kendr » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 03:26:19

I want to create a Data Access Page so that people who are
unaccoustomed to Access can access can create reports for
the selected material within the database that they are
interested in.

All of the data they need to access comes from ONE table.
Each record on this table says which jurisdiction is
entering the data, what region the jurisdiction is in, the
date that they are entering the data, and then lots of
information after this.

I want the person using the Data Access Page to create the
report (or something similar), to be able to filter this
information for just the jurisdiction, region, and range
of dates they are interested in.

I am very new to Access and cannot figure out how to make
the Data Access Page allow users make these selections in
a user friendly way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!