setting criteria in query to filter based on data access page controls

setting criteria in query to filter based on data access page controls

Post by j.mahon » Thu, 15 Mar 2007 01:25:51

have a DAP set up already that works as i want
Right now it is filtered by a date dropdown that which includes all
dates within a query

There is a brand query that is the highest level
Brand | ebay sales | amazon sales | website sales | Total Loss
**Brand can then be drilled down into to veiw
SKU | Product Name | and then the sales for the indiviual products

this all works fine for a single date. exactly how i want it to.

What i want to do is use either a calendar control or some combination
of dropdowns to change this from one single date to a date range. for
example the 1st to the 4th. I would want this to sum the totals for
the brand statistics as well as the SKU statistics.
So Each brand and sku would just have a sum of each statistic within
the chosen date range. How can i do this without having to completley
restructure what i already have ???

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Subject: Re: Calendar Control to Filter records on DAP
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I have seen topics regarding forms that suggest editing the criteria
for date within the query that drives the form. Can this be done the
same way with a DAP. Can i set the criteria for date within the query
to something like between ActiveXdate1 and ActiveXdate2, or between
even two text boxes on a form. Whats the correct syntax for that
criteria section if something like that is possible???