Data Access Page & Server Filters

Data Access Page & Server Filters

Post by RyBCZWF » Wed, 27 Oct 2004 01:27:03

I have a Data Access Page that uses a group filter control at the top where
users can select records. It also has a server filter on the data table that
restricts the recordset to "Active Projects" prior to loading the page.

I'm having some strange functionality, on some machines in my office the
server filter runs great, and on other machines it does not. On those that
it does not, the page works OK, but it is showing all records.

I suspect it is Internet Explorer settings - but checked the ActiveX
settings across the machines and security settings and they are identical.

Any Ideas?

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I am using Access 2003 and I have a database with Forms with lots of
complicated code. I would like to use a browser interface to replace
the forms. I know that with Access 2003, when I save as a .asp,
Active Server Page, or Data Access Page or some sort of web page, the
form looks good but none of the code transfers / saves / works. Or,
sometimes, the code seems to be embedded in the Data Access Page but
it doesn't seem to work.
Does anyone know if this is still the same with Access 2007? Or, will
the code save and function in A2007? Or, is this possible with Access
2003 and I am just missing something?

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