Vista Goes on Sale on (

Vista Goes on Sale on (

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Microsoft Windows Vista goes on sale at Amazon

Software giant still has not set a release date for the new version of
Windows, which sits on more than 90 percent of the world's personal
August 29 2006: 4:43 PM EDT

BOSTON (Reuters) -- has started taking early orders for
Microsoft's long-delayed Windows Vista operating system, offering
versions of the product from $100 to $399.

The retailer's Web site said the software will be available on Jan. 30,
and an Amazon (Charts) spokesman said on Tuesday the date was an
estimate based on informal conversations with Microsoft and others in
the computer industry.

Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos declined to comment on Amazon's
pre-sale, saying the software maker is still finalizing its pricing
model. It has not set a release date for the new version of Windows,
which sits on more than 90 percent of the world's personal computers.

Microsoft has repeatedly postponed the release of Windows Vista, which
is already five years in the making. Quality assurance delays have put
off the consumer version of Vista until early 2007 - after the crucial
holiday shopping season. Vista is due to ship to corporate customers in

Goldman Sachs analyst Rick Sherlund said in a note to clients that
Amazon's pricing on high-end versions of the software was above his

Vista will be sold in more versions than Microsoft's current Windows XP
operating system, with different lines targeted at consumers and

Amazon's pricing ranges from $100 for a basic upgrade version of
Windows to $399 for a full "ultimate" version of the operating system,
according to the retailer's Web site.

"The pricing of higher-end versions, which we believe will be more
popular than the lower-end versions, may be more significant and longer
lasting than the incremental upgrade revenues that have been of
greatest focus by analysts," Sherlund said in his note.

Sherlund also said that a Jan. 30 release date would be about two
months ahead of what he was expecting.

Microsoft (Charts) shares fell 0.4 percent on Nasdaq.

Mike Lance

1. Vista Goes on Sale on (

2. 50% sale in causes SURGE in Blu-ray sales

A sale today at of 47 mostly older Blu-ray titles caused an
amazing upsurge in Blu-ray sales in the online retailer.

Although the actual sale is only from $5-$8 off (amazon already sells
at 20-30% off regularly), it immediately caused blu-ray titles to
rocket up such that there were:

TWO blu-ray titles in the Top 20 overall DVDs
FOUR Blu-ray titles in the Top 25 Overall DVDs
NINE Blu-ray titles in the Top 50 Overall Dvds
TWENTY Blu-ray titles in the Top 100 Overall DVds.

In comparison, there were NO HD-DVD titles at all in the top 100...In
fact, the top 24/25 Hd titles were ALL blu-ray titles....

Amazing for a format that is not even 1 year old yet....


PS. Two HD-DVDs were also on sale, but a comparison of the same title
in blu-ray and hd-dvd shows how lopsided this format "war" is

"The Fastest Little Indian" $15
Blu-ray - #93
HD-DVD- #241

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