How to connect WebPart results to a Custom list

How to connect WebPart results to a Custom list

Post by Achuss AKA » Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:03:45

Hi all!
I want to create a custom search webpart and connect the results of
the search to a custom list instead of creating a datagrid to show

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi All,
I am trying to create a webpart in a WSS site that mimics that
'announcements' web part. Namely, the title bar should link to an 'allitems'
type of page (although it will need different functionality than simply a
list display - namely a search). Clicking on an item in the list will bring
up the view and edit pages.

I've been able to succesfully create webparts, and custom tool parts that
accomplish the functionality I'm looking for, however the problem I'm having
is that it doesn't fit into the Sharepoint UI metaphor.

How can I create my own AllItems, View & Edit pages, and how would I specify
the location of the files to the webpart so I can link to them from the
webparts title?

Any help would be apprecitaed,

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