Microsoft CRM Workflow Failu Workflow Errors in Event Log

Microsoft CRM Workflow Failu Workflow Errors in Event Log

Post by Girish Raj » Fri, 28 Apr 2006 06:57:12

What is the action that is failing?
In the workflow monitor, if you open up the paused entity, it will show
you the action where it failed.

Did you call any custom .net assembly?

-Girish Raja.

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I am having workflow (Create event) written on an Entity where in I am using
some wait statements. But here user can deactive the entity while workflow is
running. So I want to Stop this event when Entity instance is deactivated.
For this I choose StateChage event and written condition to check for state
of the instance and accordingly called "Stop" action that is "Complete and
Stop processing further rules"

But even though StateChange event is getting called, my first workflow
instance (Create event) is still remains in Running condition.

What should I do here so that all instance of workflow on the entity
instance should stop when entity is deactivated.


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