CRM 4.0 E-mail router cannot send external e-mails.

CRM 4.0 E-mail router cannot send external e-mails.

Post by Kk11dGk » Sat, 12 Apr 2008 21:17:01

Hi there,

I have CRM 4.0.I can send e-mails from web client to all internal users.This
is working great.But I cannot send e-mails to external domains.
I am using exchange server 2003 and Exchange server is different server from
CRM 4.0 .
I'm testing e-mail router interface,Test results are success.
I am checking exchange server virtual server settings for relay,Relay setup
is okey for send to outside of this exchange organization.Granted access
working for my crm server ip.

I cannot find any resource for this issue.
Q1.Can I monitor CRM E-mail router traffics?
Q2.CRM E-mail Router have logs?If yes,What is the path of this?
Q3.I can send emails to external domains when I select outbound mail traffic
as Outlook CRM client.But when I changing to e-mail router for send e-mails,I
can send just internal domain.What can I do for work properly?

Thnx for fast feedback to all.


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Our company is implementing a Support Service Based con CRM 4.0

We don't use MS Exchange. We have an external pop3 and smtp based Email

I've been able to configure outgoing emails by creating configuration
profiles, so every time we open a new case, I've created a few workflows that
send an email to our customer and to the employee whos gonna take care of the
case. The email is sent by using the XXXX@XXXXX.COM account.

The problem is that now I'm trying to impersonate an email. My idea is that
one of our employes logs into CRM and creates an email activity in the case.
This employe's email address is XXXX@XXXXX.COM , but I want the mails
to go through the XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Is there some way to do this with email router?.. Actually I dont
understand yet very well why when I create a configuration profile in email
router, i can assign this to several users and also to queues.. What's the
use of queues when sending emails?..

I would like some guide that properly explains CRM outgoing email without
Exchange so I can understand all this concepts..


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