Attempting to test a workflow rule

Attempting to test a workflow rule

Post by c2tldGNoe » Sat, 14 Jul 2007 06:58:02


I'm attempting to create and on change event in the workflow manager that
will email the customer for a technical support case that changes it's status
to "problem solved." So for a test, I create the following rule:

When Case status is changed
Case.Case Status = Problem Solved
Account Industry = Energy
Case.Case # = CAS-1234
Email to: [contact] Subject test
end if
end if
end if

(I put the # in there just to isolate it to a test record)

So if I go into the open case, and change the status to problem solved, it
triggers it fine, and sends the email as it should. Then in an attempt to
see if it does not send it if the conditions are different, I:
1. Re-open the case, save it.
2. Jump into the account and change the "Account Industry" to something
other than energy, and save it.
3. Go back into the case, and change the status to problem solved, and it
still triggers the email, even though it should officially not meet the
criteria, thus not send the email.

Any ideas?


Attempting to test a workflow rule

Post by dU1hciBLaG » Sat, 14 Jul 2007 15:18:02

I suppose this code should work. I hope i am not missing anything and
neither you.

Please take a look on it again. Is this workflow exactly like you mentioned
and account industry do get saved. There is new email everytime you change
the status ?

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