CRM v1.2: difference in report presentation

CRM v1.2: difference in report presentation

Post by Basma » Sun, 05 Mar 2006 02:21:16

Hi all,

After having added a new value to a custom picklist field I rendered
the report in CRM v1.2 that includes that value.
To my surprise the graph in the report didn't show the label of the
field, although it did display the related numeric value (a percentage)
next to the graph. The graph is intented to display the number of
records per value of the picklist.

Next thing I did was opening the same report in Crystal Reports (Prof.
Ed.) and I used the function in the menu 'Database > Verify Database'
to update the report (since the database had been changed). Then I
rendered the report again and the label was included (displayed next to
the % in the graph).

However, after saving to new version of the report to CRM and rendering
it again, the label still wasn't included.

Is someone familiar with this issue that the same report gives
different results in presentation in CRM compared to Crystal Reports
(leaving out labels)? What is the resolution?

Thank you for replying,