.NET Assembly works, but not via Workflow...What am I doing wr

.NET Assembly works, but not via Workflow...What am I doing wr

Post by S2VlbmV » Fri, 17 Mar 2006 03:45:11

i Jeffry,

I just tried to run it to get the error message for you, and now it is
working. I have absolutely "no idea" as to why it just working now. Thanks
for your help just the same. Maybe in a hour it won't work again....who
knows. :(

- Keener

"Jeffry van de Vuurst" wrote:


1. =?Utf-8?B?SW5zZXJ0IENsb2IgaW50byBPcmFjbGUgOS4gZ2V0IMK/?= =?Utf-8?B?wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/?=

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i'm writing this question again, since i didn't get an answer in the reply i
wrote, i hope it's ok.

My user default language is hebrew and in some specific TextBoxs i want that
the default language will be english. I asked here and the answer i got was
that the best way to do so, is by getting the Hebrew Letter and Change it to
it's parallel English letter on the keyboard.
i didn't such a function (with switch and case) but i'm having problem with
the event who calles that function, i can't make the textBox to
display the text right.
this is my function:

private void neshek_num_txt_KeyUp(object
sender,System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs e)
if(e.KeyCode!=Keys.Enter && e.KeyCode!=Keys.Alt && e.KeyCode!=Keys.Tab)
string temp=neshek_num_txt.Text.Trim();
string let="";
int len=temp.Length;
string new_line="";
for(int i=0;i<len-1;i++)



the function Change_Langauge() gets the hebrew letter and returns the
parallel letter on the keyboard.
my problems are:
1. sometimes it takes the computer lots of time to respond (like it gets
into a loop) and only by hiting ctrl+akt+del releases it.
2. if i pressed C and Z i get only the hebrew letter of Z.

what is wrong with my function? how can i make the cursor to be at the end of
the line?


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4. =?Utf-8?B?UmU6IEluc2VydCBDbG9iIGludG8gT3JhY2xlIDkuIGc=?= =?Utf-8?B?ZXQgwr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr8=?=

5. =?Utf-8?B?SW5zZXJ0IGxhcmdlIGRhdGEgaW50byBPcmFjbGU5IGc=?= =?Utf-8?B?ZXQgICLCv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr/Cv8K/wr8uLiI=?=

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