CRM-GP Connector: Can't find crm message queue

CRM-GP Connector: Can't find crm message queue

Post by SmVmZ » Mon, 03 Dec 2007 15:56:01

We recently installed the CRM connector for GP. We have one server that has
our CRM and Great Plains installed (w/ SQL2005). The CRM and GP adapters
were installed on this server. Since the connector requires SQL 2000, we
installed the connector software on a second server.

When making changes in CRM we get the following error in the event log:

MSMQConnUtils: SendMessageToQueue: :Queue does not

I looked at the message queue on the TESTSERVER2 and it doesn't have this
queue. However, our integration server INTSERVER does have the queue.

Why is it looking to the current server and not the integration server for
the message queue? What installs this queue? The CRM Adapter install? or the
Integration Server install.

When making changes in GP the GP message queue gets transactions. They just
never leave the queue. When looking at the integration server, there are no
transactions coming in.

Any suggestions?


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