Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 Workflow activity extensions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 Workflow activity extensions

Post by Qm91ZGV3aW » Thu, 02 Apr 2009 04:07:01


I am glad to announce a new codeplex project called "Microsoft Dynamics CRM
4 Workflow activity extensions".

Currently, the following activities have been added:

String concatenation
String capitalization
Any suggestions are welcome.

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I have created a workflow rule under Task > Assign with an action to send an
e-mail to the owner stating a task has been assigned to them.

The rule works great to notify users when tasks are assigned to them,
however, it seems to be additionally triggered when a user Creates a new
task using the "Follow-up" (Form Assistant). In this case it causes an
e-mail to go out to the individual creating the task, which is more of a
nuissance than anything.

Has anyone experienced this or have an alternative?

Thank you,


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