CRM SFO Client: .ost or .pst?

CRM SFO Client: .ost or .pst?

Post by Dave Car » Fri, 04 Jun 2004 09:41:58

I've installed the Outlook client more times than I want
to admit, and I have always just installed on top of the
existing .pst profile. I have recently been told by
another consultant that MS Support recommends using
an .ost (server-based) profile.

Does anybody have any similar advice? Thanks,


CRM SFO Client: .ost or .pst?

Post by Tony » Fri, 04 Jun 2004 18:36:20

I am sure it makes no difference. OST as you should be aware is actually an
offline folder for exchange. Its quite possible to have also a profile with
a PST and OST in at the same time anyway. Besides MSCRM creates its own
personal store, and personal webserver for offline access so I dont see how
its relevant - so long as you have exchange setup in your profile and
connected to it at least once. You might even be able to turn off offline
sync in exchange and delete the OST file but I havent tried it..



CRM SFO Client: .ost or .pst?

Post by Gary » Sat, 05 Jun 2004 01:44:29

As tony mentioned .ost is the offline folder. As for the interaction between
CRM-SFO and the pst/ost folders, well.........there is none. You just need
the exchange profile (don't think you can even install it without this). The
pst/ost folders are of mere preference in wether you want to archive or
maintain offline retrieval.