Access to Settings disappeared

Access to Settings disappeared

Post by Sair » Tue, 07 Mar 2006 23:11:47

Hello all
I am very confused as to what has happened.
I came in this morning and wanted to test out some customizations I had been
working on last week.
When I started up CRM, the settings menu option had disappeared.
If I logon to the server and open a CRM browse window from there, I can see
it fine.
If I put the URL into the browser window, I can access the settings page,
but I cannot do such things as manage roles for users.
Another colleague of mine is absolutely fine.
CRM seems to recognize me as a user, but not as a systems administrator, if
I look at the user configuration on the server, I am an administrator. Any


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Hi all,

I had a database with 3 tables (no queries) in an Access 2007 file.
I converted the file to Access 2000 format, as that is the only Access
format recognized by the SQL server we have here.
Some sql queries gave weird results, so I went back to the original

To my surprise, I noticed that the Access 2000 version of the file was
trimmed: one table had been "shrunk" from half a million records to
128,000 ! More than a third of the rows had simply vanished, yet no
error message was ever given!

Has this happened to you? Do you have any idea how to prevent it?


PS I would really love to sue evil uncle Bill :)

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