Offline Client Mapping Fields Issue

Offline Client Mapping Fields Issue

Post by SXNpb » Sun, 15 Jul 2007 00:20:01

Hi all,

Our client is having this issue:

We have created 2 custom entities that are linked to Accounts. The
relationship is one to many. (i.e. one account can have many consumption
records) When we create a consumption record from an account it autopopulates
the parent account field on the consumption record. But when the user goes
offline this field does not get autopopulated so mapping does not work. When
we gave the user System Customizer role, mapping started working again. Has
anyone ever seen this? We tried to recreate the error by connecting another
laptop to the production environment and we had the same issue, so we know it
is not users outlook configuration etc. causing this. Has anyone ever
experienced this? We dont want to end up giving all laptop clients system
customizer role :)


Offline Client Mapping Fields Issue

Post by SW1yYW » Thu, 26 Jul 2007 21:08:03

I hope you did not checked the checkbox to display offline. if you mark it
checked it will work.


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Offline Client Mapping Fields Issue

Post by SXNpb » Fri, 27 Jul 2007 01:42:01

That is not the case. We opened a support ticket with MS and they confirmed
that this is a bug from their side. This happens sometimes when you create a
role from scratch as opposed to copying an existing role and modifying it.
They suggested the best workaround for this issue is to copy a role and
modify it and never create a role from scratch. This worked for us. Hopefully
this will be fixed in future releases