CRM Server Setup on SBS 2003 prem.

CRM Server Setup on SBS 2003 prem.

Post by Birger Mad » Wed, 06 Jul 2005 01:35:36

Hello there..

When I try to install CRM 1.2 on my SBS 2003 premium server SP1 and SQL 2000
SP4, I get this
Setup could not open a session to the instance af SQL server.
Try the following:

- Make sure you entered the correct server name.
- Verify tha SQL server secruity mode is set to Windows NT integrated
- Check that your Windows credentials are valid

I think that I checked all above, but I still get the error.

How come??


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I am running SBS 2003 R2 Premium on our server.

My base install was SBS 2003 Prem, then I installed SP1 when I got it.
Later I obtained the R2 version through my sa. I realize that R2 starts
with a base of SP1 so all I need to add was the R2 bits.

My question is what is on the first 4 R2 disks? Is SP1 integrated into them
(it is 4 as oppessed to 3 disks for the original) or does it just install
then tack the sp1 at the end?

The reason I ask is, if I want to reinstall some component that asks for the
disks, can I use the R2 disks or do I need to go back to the originals then
add sp1 if it need it?


Terry Mc

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