SQL Server-Error when going offline

SQL Server-Error when going offline

Post by Miche » Fri, 27 Jun 2008 21:03:41


We have quite a few problems with the MS CRM 4.0 Offline Client.

When our customer tries to go offline he gets always an SQL Server Error.
When we execute the diag tool it shows us that something is wrong with the
sync. After executing the repair it works fine and we can go offline without
any troubles.

The strange thing is, that it does not work on the next day. Then we get the
same error again. The only solution is to execute the repair....

We are working for quite a long time together with ms support, but
unfortunately they couldn't help us so far. We also have installed several
hotfixes which we received from ms.

Does someone have an idea where we should have a look? It would be really
helpfull for us to get some ideas.