Redeploying CRM4.0

Redeploying CRM4.0

Post by Uml0ZXN » Thu, 26 Mar 2009 21:01:01


I have a urgent requirement where i need to redeploy crm4.o.. Cannot trace
the redeployment tool for crm4.0

how can i achieve this...pls suggest!!



Redeploying CRM4.0

Post by Dave Irela » Thu, 26 Mar 2009 21:13:42

Hi Ritesh;

There is no redeployment tool for CRM 4.0, thankfully.

What you want to do is Import an Organization. If you already have your
target CRM server installed, you just need to restore a copy of your source
database onto your target SQL server. Then on the target CRM server, use
the CRM Deployment manager to import the organization. There is a wizard
that steps you through the process.

Download and read the CRM 4.0 Implementation Guide for details, or search
the internet now that you know what to search for. There's a lot of
information available.

Dave Ireland