Close an opportunity with open quotes

Close an opportunity with open quotes

Post by manuelc » Fri, 14 Jul 2006 20:00:06


I need to be able to close opportunities with open quotes. At the
moment, I receive an error because all the quotes need to be closed.
Can somebody help me to see if the opportunities can be closed
regarding the state of the quotes?



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there are few solutions:

1. expand opportunityproduct with 3x1:N relations: Quote/Order/Invoice
/So, I think that first solution is good enough :).
I need to select opportunity products (simply mark and/or select by
new_status), then if I make new Quote / Order / Invoice and linked particular
opportunityproducts with that instance. Do I need plugin for that?/

2. make copy of opportunityproducts into QuoteDetail, and same with Order
and Invoice. Of course with all problems with calculation etc...
/here I have not hard connection between opportunityproducts and
qoutedetails, even product description I can not copy into quote detail.../

3. make new instances for quote/order and invoice and simplify problems???

All of that is too complicated. ^^

Hm, what to do?

I just need to produce quick and fast Quote for all opportunity products
which are not involved in any documents (like Quote/Order or Invoice), and
select them on the same way Fast and easy. Same is with Order or invoice.

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