Upgrading MS CRM 3.0 to MS CRM 4.0

Upgrading MS CRM 3.0 to MS CRM 4.0

Post by Ajai » Thu, 21 Feb 2008 13:22:48

We have an MS CRM 3.0 setup and running well for quite long time. We would
like to upgrade it to MS CRM 4.0.

Current setup is,
1. Lot of reports added & customized for user needs
2. Lot of entities added & customized for user needs
3. Lot of forms added & customized for user needs
4. Lot of custom developed pages added (developed in ASP.NET 1.1). Of course
it's running on separate site but integrated inside the MS CRM 3.0 (so
typically used MS CRM 3.0 service calls)
5. Lot of Stored Procedure's & View's added
6. Customized the settings based on user needs

My doubts are
1. What all the precautionary measure should be taken before upgrading?
2. What would be easier & shortest way to upgrade this? (Any tricky part
included like changing registry/meta files etc...)
3. If we upgrade it to MS CRM 4.0 is there any need of re-writing
4. Do we have any chance of loosing data/structures/reports/pages?
5. Whether we can add our custom developed pages under ISV folder without
creating separate site? If so, does it support the pages developed in
ASP.NET 1.1?
6. Whether custom applications (snapins/addins) developed for Microsoft
Outlook 2003/2007 using VSTO for 2005 supports MS CRM 4.0?

Other requests
1. Anybody having MS CRM 4.0 ER Diagrams?

That's all for now... Please advice...
Thanks & Regards,
Ajai Kumar .R

Upgrading MS CRM 3.0 to MS CRM 4.0

Post by George Dou » Thu, 21 Feb 2008 15:57:11


no need to cross post in all 3 CRM groups. The other observations are

Hope this helps
George Doubinski
CRM Certified Professional - Developer
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Check for unsupported customisations in script code.

Unsupported, you'll probably have to re-create these after upgrade.

Firstly, I'd redeploy CRM 3 into the test environment and upgrade there.
Secondly, BACKUP. Both server and databases.

The only sensible option is in-place upgrade.

For supported customisations you'll have to retest everything, I'm seeing
some minor glitches reported here and there.
For unsupported - well, you are on your own. If in luck, you'll have them
documented and "recreated" on CRM 4. Not everything is possible - filtering
lookup dialog is a good example.

There is *always* a chance :-). Lost data - very remote chance. Structures -
not sure what you mean. Reports - unlikely. Pages - unlikely. Unsupported
customisations, e.g. stored procs and views - very likely.

Depends. If you need multitenancy, this is your only option (me think). If
not, you can go for a separate site. In any case, you might need to adjust
code connecting to CRM to get correct security context.

If they compile under 2.0 then you should be fine. ASP.NET is extremely good
as far as backward compatibility is concerned. If you're using external
assmeblies or controls, you'll have to rebuild those using 2.0 framework or
get the updated version.

If they're using documented features then they should work fine against
default organisation. May have minor hiccups in permissions area but nothing



Upgrading MS CRM 3.0 to MS CRM 4.0

Post by Ajai » Tue, 26 Feb 2008 17:10:24

Hi George,

Thanks for your inputs & sorry for cross postings... Hope, I can start the
upgradation part to give up a try in an test environment.

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