Product hierarchy in CRM 3.0

Product hierarchy in CRM 3.0

Post by Q2Fyb » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 00:01:27

Just as a quick background, Ie been playing with MS CRM 3.0 to try and
gauge how much customization it will take to make it work the way my company
wants it to work. Currently we keep track of our products using a strict
product hierarchy, and we would want to keep track of that hierarchy within
the product catalog if we were to use MS CRM. Does anyone know if there is
default support for a product hierarchy in CRM or if this is something that
would require customization on my part? (from what I can tell, CRM does not
have a concept of hierarchy when it comes to products).

Thanks for your input.

Product hierarchy in CRM 3.0

Post by S2FsbWFkaS » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:15:27

I would like to understand your scenario. In your case, what exactly the
hierarchy represents. Is it just a categorization for easy searching and
browsing of the products in the catalog. Or do they represent products that
are sold as a bundle?

In MSCRM products can be bundled together to form a kit. Kits can help
simplify the sales and ordering process. For example, if your company sells
digital cameras and batteries, you might bundle those two products together
to form a kit. To form a kit, you must first convert the product to a kit
product, and then you can add each product that you want to the kit.

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Product hierarchy in CRM 3.0

Post by Q2Fyb » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:59:27

It is a catagorization.

Product hierarchy in CRM 3.0

Post by Dave Carr » Thu, 16 Mar 2006 01:06:42

For the second post in 2 minutes, I recommend Experlogix,
They can implement a product hierarchy for you, and keep the results of
the products selected in the OpportunityProducts table.

The product area is one that is IMO poorly implemented in CRM. Kalmadi
mentions using Kits, but the major problem with the kit is that you
can't see the components of it anywhere in CRM (except for the product
admin screens - users can''t see it). (So, for example, it would be
like selling a car and seeing just "Car Kit #829' instead of make,
model, a/c, ABS, etc...)

I've said it before, but the process to add one product to opportunity
product details is extremely click=intensive, and really needs some
work. The Experlogix model of allowing hierarchies, and being able to
see and select multiple products on one screen is much easier and
intuitive to work with. Forcing the unit selection is also very
painful for most clients who sell "Each" for every product...
Hopefully with 3.0 I can build onLoad events to reduce some of the pain
for my clients who don't go with Experlogix, but this really needs
improvement in v.Next...

Just my $.02,


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