Remove Global Menu/Menu item

Remove Global Menu/Menu item

Post by Y2hhbmRhbi » Thu, 22 Nov 2007 21:52:00

Hi all,

i want to remove the Global menu and menu items from home page (like Go to,
Help). i am able to remove menu or menu items in entity level ( like in
contact or account) but i am not able to remove it from the crm home page.
can anybody help me out , which aspx page i need to modify or where i need to
put JS to remove the global menu item.
thanx in advance..

Remove Global Menu/Menu item

Post by Q1ND » Sat, 24 Nov 2007 19:47:02

Hi chandan,

You can hide / alter / modify on runtime or by default almost any visual
element you see on CRM :) I'll make a detailed tutorial about this subject on
my blog in the future, until then, I'll give you some hints: 1st - download
Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar (from Microsoft), 2nd - use it to find
out ids, classes and properties of your objects during runtime on anypage
(including CRM's aspxs), 3rd - try to develop your own scripts in Global.js
or home_activities.aspx (don't forget to back-up them first). As an concrete
example, I recommend you my Coloring Activities Tutorial you may find at
tutorial is a living proof that anything in CRM's interface can be modified -
unsupported of course. For further details / examples I also recommend (Michael Hhne's blog - MS CRM MVP).

Cornel CROITORIU, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer