Beginners Q's!

Beginners Q's!

Post by QWhtZWQgSW » Sat, 19 May 2007 21:58:01

Hi there.
Being new to CRM and not actually playing with the product, I've been asked
to do some development. It's challanging but I love challanges.

So, I've downloaded the CRM 3.0 SDK, installed it. (Still waiting to install
CRM on my dev box)

Questions I have if someone could help please:

1) how would I take my development and add it into CRM? Is this possible?
2) How does the whole CRM system work? OK, thats going to be a long
answer....but a short brief summary would be great so I can have something in
my mind and visualize it
3) Been asked to do some "search" features. Now, how would one develop a
search feature using the CRM SDK?

basically the logic of this search feature is as follows:

have a list of skillsets and have a list of "find in" entities.
user presses "search"

it should return back entities/objects with those skillsets the user has
chosen from the first list.

how could something like this be developed using the MS CRM SDK? What are
the basics?

I hope someone could help me and would appreciate the responses :-)

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Hi all,

Beginner question.

I had a network contain Windows 2003 AD Domain with an NT 4.0 BDC running
IIS for intranet. I am thinking of upgrading it. Thinking of Windows 2003
with IIS. The problem is that everybody calls the intranet using the server
name e.g. http://MSServer01 will display the intranet main page in the IE.

Now What I like is a solution to replace it without changing the client's
shortcut. Do I do it in the DNS setting or is then any other better way? Do
I need the new server to be having the same name as the old?

Thank in advance,


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