Data Migration Framework with SPLA CRM problem

Data Migration Framework with SPLA CRM problem

Post by jkoulla » Fri, 27 Apr 2007 15:54:39


We are implementing the SPLA version (or hosted version) of Microsoft
CRM and I need to use the DMF to migrate some data.
However, the Data Migration Pack is not supported for the hosted
We successfully migrated our data across when testing on the standard
CRM v3.0, but as we are now using the hosted version, we are stuck.

What can I do as I this is a show stopper for us?



Data Migration Framework with SPLA CRM problem

Post by TmVpbCBCZW » Sat, 28 Apr 2007 02:30:10

Hi John, I run a Microsoft CRM hosting company and we're familiar with many
of the intracies of Microsoft CRM Professional Service Provider Edition (SPE).

Many of the published limitation of SPE can be worked-around with a little

Which version of the SPE media are you using (there are separate on-premise
subscription, and hosted subscription media)?
What error messages are you getting when trying to use the CRM DMF?
Are you using the default instance or a named database instance?
Do you have permissions to directly connect to the database (we don't
provide this to our hosted customers because our database servers are not
internet addressable for security reasons).
Have you considered some of the third-party data migration tools (C360
Import Manager or Scribe Insight for Microsoft CRM). They have a small
charge, but are much better than the CRM DMF (according to my consulting
team, anyway).

Hope this helps.

Neil Benson
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