TargetRelatedDynamic not working

TargetRelatedDynamic not working

Post by QnJvY2 » Thu, 29 May 2008 01:06:00

I've created a custom entity and I have a 1:N relationship setup between a
contact and my custom entity. Ideally this would be 1:1 but I didn't see a
way to wire this up.

Is it possible to setup a relationship between a custom entity that isn't
N:N (that one Associa *** titiesRequest does the trick). If there a multiple
relationships between contact and my custom entity how does it know which one
to use?

TargetRelatedDynamic relationship = new TargetRelatedDynamic();
relationship.Entity2Id = myGuid;
relationship.Entity2Name =;

relationship.Entity1Id = crmUserAccount.myEntityId.Value;
relationship.Entity1Name = EntityName.myEntity.ToString();

SetRelatedRequest relationshipRequest = new SetRelatedRequest();
relationshipRequest.Target = relationship;
service.Execute(relationshipRequest); // Always errors out.

TargetRelatedDynamic not working

Post by Michael Hn » Sun, 01 Jun 2008 05:39:36

In that case, you have appropriate attributes in either the contact or your
custom entity. You can use an Update call to set these values.

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