Asynchronous Web Services calls with Impersonation

Asynchronous Web Services calls with Impersonation

Post by Dave » Mon, 30 Jul 2007 02:49:21


I have a problem with Impersonation with ASPX pages running with
Impersonation that call Web Services Asynchonously that the
Impersonated credentials are not passed to the Web Service when called
with the Begin... method, however they are when the Web Service is
called normally.

Microsoft .NET 2, Visual Studio 2005 Pro

-- SAMPLE ASPX Page --
Dim oService As New samplews.SampleService
oService.Credentials =
oService.BeginWhoAmI(AddressOf callback, Nothing)

<WebMethod()> _
Public Sub WhoAmI()
Dim oSR As New System.IO.StreamWriter("c:\temp
\wswhoami.txt", True)
End Sub

The subroutine - when run on Windows XP reports back as

I can work around the problem by editing the ASPNET.CONFIG file,
however I don't like this idea as this will effect all applications
and the application I develop may well have to run alongside other Web
Applications (I got the idea to try this from )

<alwaysFlowImpersonationPolicy enabled="true"/>
<legacyImpersonationPolicy enabled="false"/>

Is there another way to pass my current credentials to the Web Service
when run Asyncronously? If I could send the Web Service my
System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent() I could
run .Impersonate against it but I'm not sure how to send this Object
to the Web Service



David Homer

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Hi. Crossposted because the issue seems bizzare and I have no idea
where the problem lies.

We have a CLR that calls ASP.NET Web Service using NetworkCredentials
to pass in login, passowrd and domain of a domain user.
Application and apppool housing the webservice run under network
service; IIS6 on WIn2003 is used; windows auth is used; and everything
works fine.
If you check IIS logs you see POST request to web service resulting in
401 error immediately followed by the call with user supplied and WS
procedure does launch.

As soon as you change the App Pool that houses the application to run
under the specific user (the same user that is used for Web Service
auth), CLR s/WS method combo stops working.
There are no errors; if you check the logs there's a user-less WS call
resulting in 401 but second successful call is not longer there.

How do we fix this?

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