How to prevent XmlSerializer from generating XmlDeclaration node

How to prevent XmlSerializer from generating XmlDeclaration node

Post by Q2luZHkgTG » Sun, 10 Oct 2004 02:57:03


I use XmlSerializer to serialize my objects. XmlSerializer always inserts
some standard namespaces and creates XmlDeclaration node. Is there anyway to
prevent it from generating those stuff?

Thanks in advance!!!

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I would like to know if there is a way to cache the xmlserializer-generated
temp files and have the program reuse these cached files upon new
application instances. For example, application 1 launches. The first time
it uses the serializable classes the XmlSerializer will create a source file
on the fly and compile it and use this file to serilize and deserilize the
XML. When Application 1 is launched in a new instance say instance 2 it
will also have to recreate the on the fly source files and compile them. Is
there a way to have the application reuse a precompiled source file for use
in the xmlserilization? My XmlSerilization classes are becoming larger and
taking longer for the xmlserilizer to run on the first time through... Now
i know one of the reasons this is either not possible or reconmended is
because if the class in changed the precompiled code has to be updated and
this is an outside process from the compilation. I think I am a big enough
programmer to handle that task :)

Is there a way to tell the XmlSerilizer that it does not have to generate a
new source file of the serilizable classes but allow me to tell it here is
one already done to speed up that first time hit?

What I am thinking the plan could be is that before my product is released
to our customers I will at run time run the XmlSerilizer to produce the
final generated source code and compile that to an assembly. When this
assembly is built i will include this file in the final release of my
product. From there the product will use this pre generated file for
increased performance of first time us of the serialization classes.

Is this possible?!?

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