Obtaining build number of .exe or .dll

Obtaining build number of .exe or .dll

Post by c2NvdH » Sun, 25 Dec 2005 07:02:02

Using windows explorer, right-clicking on a .exe or .dll, selecting
properties, and then selecting the version tab displays the
major/minor/revision/build number of the object. I want to do this in my
program. What windows api call or .net function retrieves this information.
I tried using System.Reflection.AssemblyName, but it only returns a value for
a small number of .exe/.dll programs. Windows explorer displays the version
info for many more.

Obtaining build number of .exe or .dll

Post by v-phuan » Tue, 27 Dec 2005 17:58:14


I think you may try to use Win32 API GetFileVersionInfo.
Here is link about how to use that in C#.
Unsafe Code Tutorial

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