Symantec Intrusion detection interfering with Messaging

Symantec Intrusion detection interfering with Messaging

Post by Vg » Sat, 10 Jun 2006 02:21:02

I am very new to MessageQueuing. I have 2 computers (XP SP2) using MSMQ.
Desktop1 hosts a private queue. Desktop2 has to listen to messages arriving
to the queue hosted by Desktop1.

The program running in Desktop2 uses .NET framework 2.0. It creates a
System.Messageing.MessageQueue object, sets its path to refer to the queue in
Desktop1 and calls BeginReceive method to start listening for messages. When
the BeginReceive method is called, it gets a MessageQueueException saying
"Remote computer is not available".

Desktop2 has symantec firewall installed. The symantec intrusion detection
has stopped a request from going out of desktop2 to desktop1 when it calls
BeginReceive method. The symantec log file says "Attempted Intrusion
'MSRPC_MSMQueryProp_BO' from your machine against,
Intruder: Desktop2". The symantec intrusion detection software did not let
the Desktop2 establish the link to listen for message arriving to the queue
in Desktop1.

Is there a way I can fix this issue. If symantec software looks at it as an
illegal request, is there a way i can make this request properly so that
symantec does not block it?

Please let me know if this is not the appropriate forum for this and direct
me to a different one.


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Microsoft claims that ISA server 2004 has Intrusion detection and intrusion
prevention features.

Is there any subscription available to update the IDS and IPS rule database
in ISA server 2004? or it is static set of rules?

Such subscription is available for Symantec security appliance.

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