VB CD deployment and signing issues

VB CD deployment and signing issues

Post by Rick Fishe » Wed, 11 Jul 2007 00:22:32

Late to this topic, but have been working a similar issue and my
information may help others. I did not find any useful information on
MS forums or documentation in June 2007.

I am using Clickonce.

I am deploying a single user Windows application via CD, and not
providing online updates. I see no reason for a certificate in this
situation, in fact a 12 month time limit is definitely not wanted. NB:
Online distribution may have some advantages, but is not wanted by the

Originally I had a problem with VB Express apparently ignoring the
"Sign" option and always using the automatically created temporary
certificate. Result - no install or run allowed after 12 months.

Now using VS 2005 which does appear to respect the "Sign" option being
unchecked, although it does have the annoying trick of automatically
checking the option after each publish (not after each build in my

(I have tested deployment by setting the clock forward 2 years on a user

VS 2005 does apparently access a certificate during the build as I had
to create a new "temporary" certificate on the development system (using
the wizard in the project properties "Signing" tab), replacing the 'old'
certificate which was > 12 months.

I still have the "unknown publisher" issue during installation. At
least from a CD installation, the user is given a choice to continue.

Useful MS Documentation or help topics or forum threads - non-existant
as far as I know!

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