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as Michel Gallant wrote on his web site
( ),
there are interop issues using CAPICOM in .NET

DecEnvelop (by Michel Gallant) bypass the problem using CrytoAPI
directly (P/Invoke). Infact DecEnvelop decrypt the PKCS#7 message using
CryptDecryptMessage API.

Now, I'm looking for an example of CryptEncryptMessage API call
from .NET + P/Invoke. Please if you have one, post it here.

With kind regards,

Jorryt de Vries

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Hi All,
I am trying to Encrypt the Message using
CryptEncryptMessage, the algorithm I am using is RC4

whos OID is szOID_RSA_RC4, now I want to use the 3DES and AES based
Encryption as well but cant find such OID in the list provided by MSDN.

so kindly guide me to the right direction.

the second problem is that in case of larger files like 150Mb file it eats
up all the avaliable memory while encrypting, though it releases the memory
after wards but I want to limit the memory usage of this function like 100


Aftab Alam

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