languages plug-ins?

languages plug-ins?

Post by b3RzZWd » Wed, 17 Jan 2007 13:24:00

I was wondering if there were some kind of plug-ins to install for reading
chinese and japanese pages. I remember I saw something like that when I tried
to update my windows one day. But now I can't find that.. I searched in
microsoft.coms downloads but didn't find them. can someone help me out?

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Looking for *** rs to produce language plug-ins


I developed a multipurpose sound tag system with easy multilanguage support.

Two test applications are already done, a sound player and a tag editor
with instant translation ability.

All testing was done using music and it's lyrics.

The project scope is to produce an easy, amusing and cheap way of
learning all living languages and scripts.

No body can do that alone.

I invite you to produce and sell C plug-ins for translating and
transliterating text mixed with 'stamps', like this:


If you are interest to know more, please visit the WUTG tag editor
plug-in development information page at:

You can also visit the general presentation home page at:

WUSotf founder

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