IE8 Add On's Disabled Bar Upon Opening Pages

IE8 Add On's Disabled Bar Upon Opening Pages

Post by Gregg Fowl » Tue, 16 Feb 2010 00:04:23

Running Windows 7 64bit and am unable to get the bar saying add on's
disabled from opening. I have reset the browser and re-enabled or tried, but
I get no functionality. I am unable to open any "extra" toolbars. If I check
the tool bar nothing happens. None of the other extensions appear to be
working either even if I enable them in the add-ons menu. I haven't used IE8
much lately so can't pin down anything I did on the system that may have
caused this. I did add Norton 360 to replace Microsoft Security Essentials,
but not sure if the behaviour was a result. Even when I disable Norton
Browser proctect and other functions I still get this behavior. Any ideas of
what may be occuring. Any problems I have had previously have been fixed by
resetting the browser and enabling add ons one at a time till I found the
problem, but this doesn't seem to help currently.

IE8 Add On's Disabled Bar Upon Opening Pages

Post by PA Bear [M » Tue, 16 Feb 2010 00:46:07

Did a Norton or McAfee free trial come preinstalled on the computer when you
bought it?

Did you uninstall MSE prior to installing <spit> N360?

Do you see this behavior in IE8 32-bit and IE8 64-bit?

Internet Explorer 8 starts in "No Add-ons" mode when you use the desktop
icon to start Internet Explorer: