IE7 RC1 problem positioning pop-ups in pop-ups

IE7 RC1 problem positioning pop-ups in pop-ups

Post by Casper van » Wed, 27 Sep 2006 19:12:13

Can anyone tell me if the following behavior is by design or an IE7RC1 bug:

If I call window.createPopup() where 'window' is in itself a popup window,
the position of the second popup is limited - it appears that it should at
overlap 50% with the first popup.

I use this mechanism in IE6 to create context menu rollover.. Any insight is
much appreciated..

-- to try this out, run this HTML in IE7RC1, click on tag, click on green --

<TITLE>Nested popup windows</TITLE>
var firstPopupDiv = null;
function tag_onclick()
var popup = window.createPopup();
var div = popup.document.createElement("DIV"); = "green"; = 200; = 200;
div.onclick = div_onclick;

firstPopupDiv = div;, 30, 200, 200, maindiv);
function div_onclick()
var popup =
firstPopupDiv.ownerDocument.parentWindow.createPopup(); = "red";, 30, 200, 200, firstPopupDiv); // Not
shown at 230!
<div id="maindiv" onclick="tag_onclick()">Click me</div>

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