IE 7 hangs and hangs and hangs, then hangs some more (worse with WordPress 7)

IE 7 hangs and hangs and hangs, then hangs some more (worse with WordPress 7)

Post by fornewsgro » Mon, 29 Jan 2007 13:54:16

I recently started to use WordPress. It seems to want to hang every
time I try to add or edit something in dashboard. I have tried
everything to remedy this including deleting cache, cookies,
uninstalling, reinstalling, etc to no avail.

Now I'm starting to think the issue is with IE7 as I have noticed
often when visiting sites, they too will hang and hang and hang.
However if I open up another window (not tab) and enter in the exact
same website, often it will go there without delay while the other
windows still hangs.

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling IE 7. uninstalling the
google toolbar and disabling any unverified add-ons.

Any ideas?

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2. IE 7 hangs,online flahgame hangs

Since i got an automatic update of the new flashplayer i have several problems.
He updated it from 9 to version 10

-Sometime my IE 7 hangs when i want to visite some pages only way i can close
it is by using taskmanager.

-When i play an online game wich requires flash player it hangs several times
and the sound is not running well. The IE is still working when the flashgame
hangs, i can simply close it by clicking on the cross.

-I also noticed that it is not working well with Windows live Messenger.

- Are there more persons with this problem???????
-Can somebody tell me how to uninstall flash player and how to get
the latest version of flashplayer 9.

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