dial-up modem works sometime and sometime not

dial-up modem works sometime and sometime not

Post by stafford c » Sat, 01 Jul 2006 00:19:59


ok i have a dinosaur 56k modem on my older than dirt computer

i also have windows xp w/ sp 2 and all updates .

no one else has a 56k modem and i believe that microsoft has written off all
56k modem users

sometimes when i click on the msn butterfly i get the correct sequence which

'connecting ... you are connected ...'

on the second or third attempt to reach the internet i get the wrong
sequence which is

'signing on ... i check the phone ... dial tone... so i know the modem is
not working

today i started restoring my computer to an earlier date ... the modem
behaves correctly

and then (as luck would have it) even restoring to an earlier date does not

obviously this restore to an earlier date and butterfly worked correctly or
i would not

be typing this message. so, what is my problem ?? no dsl ?? no thanks why
doesn't my awesome

56k modem work... please do not answer at the same time ... and thank you
for your assistance

before you reply


stafford collinsworth