new to creating a Budget

new to creating a Budget

Post by Apri » Sat, 14 Apr 2007 04:32:51

Hello there

I have a couple of questions as I am brand new to creating a budget and
wanted to clarify a few things before I get going... :))

1. I've selected Autobudget and found that by default Autobudget calculates
whether the Category/Subcategory has income. I have a Category for Interest
which I know definately has as income but Autobudget shows "no income". If I
click View Transactions, there are numerous transactions listed. Why is
Autobudget showing "no income" and can I fix this?

2. Why does Autobudget dialgoue box show the Category on its on 'own' with
"no income" specified eg. a category called "Interest". Yet for the the
"Interest" subcategories (eg. Interest: Interest First Bank) also listed in
the Autobudget dialogue, there are transactions listed?

3. When selecting Autobudget, all budget categories are selected by default
so I have added a couple of extra categories by clicking the tickbox then OK
button. Do you know why when I click Autobudget again, the extra categories
selected earlier are no longer ticked and only the default categories are
shown .

4. I have a Refund category of which I only had 3 transactions last year
and none this year... yet Autobudget shows this as a "Recurring Deposit"..
why is this categorised as that instead of just 'Income Yearly or Monthly'
like the other income items?

5. How do I create new or rename existing 'Category Groups' under Category
or Subcategory?

6. Within the Budget, where is Budget Groups defined? By this I mean, is
this similar to defining the Categories/subcategories section?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
I look forward to hearing back from you and your comments.
Kind regards