Portfolio Manager Investment Categories

Portfolio Manager Investment Categories

Post by Dan Konigs » Sun, 01 May 2005 16:09:09

The Microsoft Money 2005 Investment Manager has a column named
"Category" that looks like it would provide a MUCH more useful
breakdown than Money's Asset Allocation does. For example, this column
understands the difference among Large Growth, Large Blend and Large

These would be very useful, except that:
- In some cases, it's assigned the wrong category, or doesn't recognize
the investment and doesn't have any category, and
- I cannot find a way to sort by, group by, or sum over these
categories within the Portfolio Manager, and finaly
- I cannot find a good way to export these values, short of generic
print to a file (which seems to need manual clean-up before importing
into Excel.)

Note that I am NOT talking about the Money Income and Expense
categories. These Categories do not show up there. I am also not
talking about the asset classes you can set in "Change asset
allocation", or the settings in Investment Settings | Investment
Categories. Those are different.

Frankly, there's a lot of other potentially useful info in the
Portfolio Manager, if I could get it into Excel or get more ways to
manipulate them within Money.

- Is there a way to set these Categories for an investment when Money
can't or gets it wrong?
- Is there some better way to export information from the the Portfolio


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