Changing Bill Account Number

Changing Bill Account Number

Post by aXRnZWV » Tue, 23 Dec 2008 07:53:01

I am trying to change the account number that coincides with a telephone
bill. (The account number changed when I moved). But when I go into the
account details and click the link for 'Account number', the account number
field is grayed out and not editable.

I've been paying this bill online using a debit card for the past few months
because I cannot change this number. Back in October, when they reassigned
my old phone number to somebody new, my bill was payed to the wrong account.
(I am still fighting this too).

Why is it so hard to change bill account numbers in this application? I've
been using it for over 10 years and have this problem everytime I move or a
company changes my account number.

Changing Bill Account Number

Post by Art McClin » Tue, 23 Dec 2008 09:33:18

If the account number is grayed out, it is because it is paid on line and
can only be changed online. It might have been set up either on-line or
with bill pay where you identified it as an electronic payment to be paid
on-line. If you were cutting a check for it each month then the account
number would not be grayed out and you could changed it.

You will need to go on-line to change this or change the payment method
within the Bill pay area to gain access to the account number.