Sync problems with money 2005 UK

Sync problems with money 2005 UK

Post by Cal Learne » Wed, 25 Nov 2009 08:14:56


I think there was talk about it showing the '$' sign rather than the
pound currency symbol. There is a free 30-day evaluation version.

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Have had two issues.

When I exit Money, apparently it does not shut down the msmoney.exe process
because when I go to restart the program, I get a small dialog box saying the
program is already running. If I use task manager to kill the process, I can
then start it.
I do have Money set to back up on exit, and that seems to run fine, if that

The second, more troublesome was trying to use Money to sync with MSN Money
on line. I ended up with very strange duplications of entries from 2003 on
(hav history going back to 1996). I deleted everything on MSN Money,
restored a back-up, tried again (twice.) Again, same thing. I have since
discontinued trying to use this feature since the 2005 Money for Pocket PC is
finally out, but all three be able to work together?

Extremely frustrated with Microsofts online support, no help or helpful
response. Have received COMPMAIL CASE ID confirmations several times for the
second issue, and then follow-up emails with a managers email address, that
is no good.

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