Downloading transactions with stock symbol conflict - endless

Downloading transactions with stock symbol conflict - endless

Post by Q2hyaXN » Fri, 22 Apr 2005 12:45:03


I'm having the exact same problem as the original poster. Has there been any
resolution on this yet? Thanks!

Downloading transactions with stock symbol conflict - endless

Post by via_newsgr » Sat, 23 Apr 2005 06:03:40

I am not sure just what that exact problem is. You have 'Pengrowth
Gas Income (Canada)' and there is also a download of 'Pengrowth Tr
Cl A Units'? Or are you dealing with different securities? Are you
sure there are not two different securities?

The case I suspect is where there is a reorg or change of name of a
company. The broker puts a RemoveShares of one, and an AddShares of
the other into an OFX download. Money does not let you say they are
the same thing since they are both referenced in the OFX file. Is
this the situation you have?

The cure is to let money create a second security with a different
name. Since that name is not going to be used long, I suggest
something like ZZZZ1. At the time of download, Money is going to
associate the downloaded position and transactions with ZZZZ1.

Then change all transactions of ZZZZ1 into transactions of the

Things look OK at that point until you again download. Money insists
on matching transactions and positions to ZZZZ1 rather than the
security you want to use. That is where a file that I will post
comes into play. It will disassociate a security from Money
download, so you will be able to say that the downloaded info is for
the security you want to continue with. So if this sounds like your
situation, identify whether the security is classified as a fund or
a stock in the download.

As always when doing things like this, keep an extra copy of your
file or backup in case you do not like the result.