MSN Mess 6.1 games don't load

MSN Mess 6.1 games don't load

Post by Shar » Wed, 07 Jan 2004 12:39:25

I have messenger 6.1.0207 installed and like it, but
the "launch site" games won't load. I get "Checkers is
unavailable at this time". My chat partners can see it at
their end as they wait for me to join the game. I see
nothing at my end but the message to try later.

I have shutdown my ZoneAlarm firewall and it still doesn't

I found a note that said under the Tools, Options, Privacy
tab, to ensure the box is unchecked regarding asking for
my password. It's unchecked and still doesn't load any
games items. The "activities" items work, such as tic-tac-
toe, but we want the games like checkers to work.

Any ideas?

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I can use Windows Messenger fine for Video Conferencing
but can never get a connection on MSN Messenger. I have
a Microsoft MN 720 wireless router and use the firewall
inbuilt on that and the Windows XP SP2 firewall only.

My Windows XP SP2 firewall has MSN Messenger 6.2 listed
as an exception and it seems set correct (it set itself
automatically). I do not have Norton or anything else on
the machine.

Is there a valid reason why this problem is happening? My
family members can use MSN Messenger on their end - but I
am stuck with Windows Messenger.....

Is this an SP2 thing?

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