Transfer MSN Premium favorites to Internet Explorer favorites

Transfer MSN Premium favorites to Internet Explorer favorites

Post by TmlnZW » Fri, 13 Oct 2006 04:23:02

Hi All,

I know that it is possible to transfer between the two systems but I have
forgotten how I did it last time. Will someone please let me know how to do
it again.
Thanks a lot.

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I have a many favorites organized in many folders and subfolders. The
favorites were imported from IE6. When I want to add a favorite an put it
in a specific folder, MSN Explorer shows all folders and subfolders. The
list is huge, and the scrolling is very slow.

The scrolling in IE6 is done by a slider bar that allows the user to quickly
pick the desired folder. Also, only top level folders are initially
displayed, which makes a shorter list. The user clicks on the parent folder
to see the children folders.

Is there a way in MSN Explorer:

1. Collapse the folders so only the parent folders are initially shown,
thereby creating a shorter list to scroll through?

2. Speed up the list scrolling when putting a new favorite link in a folder?


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