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This does not always work as people have stated above and on other site;

Therefore, User your initiative and try all of the ideas people have!!!
You Will succeed!

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2. Writing AVI file; stops writing, then graph freezes

I'm using a custom source filter to generate raw video data for
saving to an AVI file, but I've just recently noticed, after testing
larger input files, that the filter graph isn't working properly. The
basic setup is: [Custom Source Filter] -> [(optional) Video Compression
Codec] -> [AVI Mux] -> [File Writer]. As long as the files are less
than 3:34 long(about 6442 video frames), everything works fine, but
when I try longer files, nothing more is written to the AVI file.

The odd thing is, up until frame 12884, the graph keeps processing
like nothing's wrong, with the exception that only the first 6442
frames show up in the file. Finally, after frame 12884, the graph stops
calling the source filter's FillBuffer, and the conversion hangs. This
happens regardless of which video compression filter I use, or if I use
any at all(all that changes is the output file size). This seems odd
that it stops at exactly the halfway point to where it freezes
altogether, but I'm not sure where to start debugging on this. Is there
some setting on the AVI Mux or File Writer filters that's supposed to
be set to avoid this?

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