Video conversation (with Audio) OK,but Voice conversation shuts off

Video conversation (with Audio) OK,but Voice conversation shuts off

Post by Albert » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 08:25:36

Hello,I am running Windows98,and I can have a Video conference,with audio,no
problem,but as soon as I try to have just a Voice conversation,it tells me
that "coversation has ended".
Any information appreciated

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Hi there,

I have peculiar issue trying to use Windows Messenger 4.7
to converse with other Windows Messenger 4.7 clients.

When I engage video conferencing I am able to see and hear
the person that I wish to speak to. However they can
neither see nor hear me. The *** is functioning
properly as it works in other Instant Messanging programs
(e.g. Yahoo!) In addition, I can see myself (in the
picture in picture) and the microphone level meter moves
as I speak indicating that the microphone is functioning
properly too.

I have established a direct connection to the Internet
during my troubleshooting to eliminate any potential NAT
issues. All of the other complex IM activities (e.g. file
transfer, application sharing, whiteboard, remote access
etc) work just fine.

I have run the Audio (and Video) Tuning Wizard in
Messenger several times.

I am not running the Windows XP Internet Connection
Firewall and the QoS Packet Scheduler is disabled.

I'm beginning to run out of suggestions. Any help would
be appreciated.


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