Live messenger invite

Live messenger invite

Post by jacopo.sab » Thu, 23 Feb 2006 06:09:21

Has anyone got a live messenger invite for me?
email address: jacopo.sabbatinelli @
passport account: jacoposabba @

Thanks to the one who'll send it to me!

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2. Very nice way by Microsoft to invite MSN Live Messenger download ... not!

Well, Microsoft is trying to act popular ... but it's totally working
against them as far as I am concerend .... the next line/link on the bottom
of a MSN chat screen, typed exactly as it is but translated from Dutch:

"Hey YOU there!! Download Windows Live Messenger!!"

What the f*ck? Why is MS thinking that it can invite me with lines like this
like they are my best buddy??? Really a wrong move by MS to act popular. I
really am not a guy that hangs on to all kinds of polite stuff .... but this
is just plain "bad taste".

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